In her innovative micro blog, Dot Legacy, Danielle looks at the impact we are having on our human history – an amazing time in which massive technological changes influence so many other aspects of our lives in such powerful ways.

What really is our dot legacy?

Draw a line, put a stack of dots all along it, look at any one of the dot and think “that is us now” and ask questions like:

What do we stand for? Who are we? What do we want for our future generations? What will we do for it?

Are we just going to be another part of Homo Sapien Sapien? No I think the huge shifts we are moving through with our digital evolutions we surely should be a new dot, a new version of hominid; this is our Dot Legacy.

We can be the new marker on the timeline of human history – a digitally-drawn dot on the changing face of humankind.

Our real dot legacy?

Our lives, our choices, their future.

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