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Danielle Di-Masi is a Multiple Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker, Digital Communications Expert, and Author of the forthcoming business book WHO THE TECH ARE YOU?. She is changing the digital landscape by helping organizations and their people define the power and opportunity of their digital presence. 

Danielle inspires her audiences to rethink their digital narrative, and empowers them with data-driven insights on how to make their best impact online and ultimately win the attention they are seeking. Concentrating on redefining and controlling our own, unique digital narrative, Danielle shows audiences how anyone can make impactful connections online as easily as we do face-to-

face and how it is a key differentiator of successful professionals. 

Danielle has shared her data-driven strategies around creating impactful digital narratives with Google, 3M, LinkedIn, Twitter, Meta, American Express, Uber, Mastercard, Cisco, Microsoft, Zendesk and several federal government entities. 

She is also frequently tapped as a popular media commentator and expert moderator. She has been featured in the LA Times, GQ, Psychology Today, Business Insider and for many years was the resident expert on tech, business and social media behaviors for Australia’s top TV network, with her own segments on national television.

As a long-standing University Lecturer, Danielle teaches communication, modern marketing strategy and branding, both at a business and individual level. She has three business Masters degrees, including  two MBA’s (one traditional and one with a technology specialty), and has spent over 14 years of her corporate career in finance and investment banking. 

Many organizations have lauded Danielle’s contributions in the digital space and credited her with redefining how their teams operate online. She is a four-time winner of the annual Stevie Awards, focused on excellence in business, winning Most Innovative Communications Professional of the Year, and has also garnered praise as the Most Innovative Woman in Marketing and Female Entrepreneur of The Year. These and other honors all reflect a growing recognition for Danielle’s global expertise in business, education and technology.



Most Innovative Communications Professional of the Year 2019, 2018, 2016
Most Innovative Woman of the Year in Marketing 2017
Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

Innovator of the Year 2015
Woman of the Year 2014
Global Business Blogger & a Guinness World Record 2013

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